Education for the Body and Mind

Finding the perfect gift for a person who is finding themselves can put you through a lot of guess work.  You’re never sure if they are still interested in the things they were so gung-ho about months ago, like starting a micro-brewery, or raising goats so they’ll have plenty of milk to make soap.  When it comes to education, giving a gift isn’t as simple as giving an apple to the teacher as in years past, but if your hard-to-figure-out friend or loved one has expressed an interest in becoming a fitness instructor, there’s lots of ways to encourage a journey along that path.  Education is key to a successful career and whether you’re just starting out in the field of personal training or have an established clientele, you can benefit from the courses, training and certifications offered by the American Council on Exercise, better known as ACE Fitness.

For decades, ACE has focused on helping those who want to find the perfect fit between a career as an educator and a business that’s combines their love of athletics and physical fitness by offering courses in personal training, group fitness, health coaching and more.  Since the company began in the 1980’s, thousands of students have found rewarding careers working in schools, clinics, hospitals, rehab centers, fitness studios and on the road as personal trainers to the stars.  To help them maintain their edge, ACE offers continuing educations courses, so even after you’ve been certified, you can continue to increase your knowledge and grow your network, so you can grow your net worth.

What’s more, they offer money saving deals through Groupon, so you can save a tremendous amount off their packages, classes and certifications.  They offer discounts of $200 off their personal trainer study program, $150 off their Group Fitness certification course and have lots of promo codes online that you can use to save on the package that fits your need.  Returning veterans and those who have served in the military will see additional savings of 20% off their choice, so they can continue to blaze a trail and lead others along the path to fitness.  So let’s keep America moving this holiday season by giving the gift of fitness education.  And keep a little more money in your wallet by using Groupon.